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At a wine cellar job in Italy, you would help with all the wine production processes set at high standards. You would help with crushing grapes and fermentation processes, as well as organizing production, prepare it for delivery, and clean the premises.

Usually, these opportunities are mostly seasonal, usually open from summer to the end of fall. However, it depends on the type of business you would be working for.

The average salary for a wine maker in Italy is around €18/hour and around €37,500/year. It is most likely that housing on the premises and/or transportation is included in the offer.

Read below and get connected to wine cellar jobs in Italy!

General requirements for a wine cellar job :

  • Basic harvesting experience
  • Specialized certificate (possibly required)
  • Physical resilience, as the work requires carrying, walking, climbing, kneeling etc.
  • Able to operate the forklift (possibly required)
  • Ability to follow instructions efficiently
  • Willingness to learn more
  • Good communication skills
  • Adaptable and friendly
  • Ability to work individually as well as in a team
  • Compliant with the safety rules and regulation

General tasks for wine cellar jobs in Italy:

  • Crushing and pressing grapes manually or using specialized machines
  • Working with specialized viticultural equipment
  • Managing fermentation (through pump-overs, rack and returns, pressing)
  • Adding yeasts, nutrients etc.
  • Filling, racking and toping the barrels
  • Operate storage equipment may be required (e.g., forklift)
  • Sanitizing equipment and doing general cleaning in the working space
  • Packaging (placing labels, filling bottles etc.) and making inventory
  • Being aware of any hazards and following health and safety rules and regulations

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