Skilled agricultural drivers are welcome to apply for tractor driver jobs in Canada! Tractor drivers are employed by agricultural companies and the type of work depends on the time of the year. For instance, while in the summertime you would use it to help with crop growth, in the winter you could use it to remove snow. But, generally, at tractor driver jobs in Canada, you would transport materials and do harvesting work.

This position in Canada is usually paid with 22.50 CAD/hour (=16.75 USD), usually depending on the job location. Benefits such as housing and transportation may be included.

If you have:

  • High school diploma (preferred)
  • Tractor driver’s permit
  • Relevant apprenticeship or experience to compensate
  • Extensive knowledge of heavy equipment
  • Knowledge of tractor maintenance
  • Ability to follow directions and plans
  • Ability to work efficiently in harsh weather conditions
  • Great sense of responsibility and good reflexes
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • Awareness of potential hazards at the job
  • Willingness to follow health and safety procedures

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General responsibilities:

  • Deliver, align, and load tractors according to plans
  • Transport heavy materials
  • Drive the tractor to do harvesting work (plant seeds, fertilize crops etc.)
  • Operate the tractor efficiently and safely
  • Operate other similar vehicles such as dump trucks, graders, front-end loaders etc.
  • Perform inspections and maintenance on the vehicles
  • Prepare the fields by leveling them with the tractor
  • Report any issues to the manager or other relevant stakeholders
  • Focus and maintain the appropriate speed limit at all times
  • Comply with health and safety rule and regulations

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