Housekeeping is always in demand! There are thousands of housekeeping jobs in Canada available for motivated people looking for opportunities abroad!  You could sign up for housekeeping in private homes, as well as any other public building. If you’re a trustworthy person, have strong stamina, and good English skills, sign up for housekeeping jobs in Canada!

If you offer your services in public buildings (schools, hotels, etc.), you will work according to schedules and timeframes, while working for private home owners can offer a more flexible schedule. On the other hand, working for private home owners requires you to build stronger working relationships. To show your trustworthiness, it’s great to emphasize your positive and respectful attitude.

The average salary for housekeeping jobs in Canada is 18 CAD/hour (=13.23 USD). However, the offer usually depends on your work experience, as well as the workload and the standards of the employer. Other benefits such as housing/free transportation may be included.

General requirements:

  • High school diploma
  • Great attention to detail and sense of responsibility and trustworthiness
  • Strong motivation as well as good physical ability and stamina
  • Knowledge of cleaning products and how to use them
  • Ability to read and follow instructions
  • Good communication skills to communicate with employers and/or greet customers

General responsibilities for housekeeping jobs in Canada:

  • Clean floors and surfaces, vacuum, mop, wipe, etc. according to the standards of your employer
  • Change sheets, do laundry, iron, and fold
  • If applicable, do the dishes, and organize
  • Tidy up and organize items, remove and dispose trash, change trash bags
  • Respect the organization and design of the place
  • Sanitize if necessary
  • Respect the intimacy of your client and handle items with care
  • Notify your employer or manager about any issues and necessary repairs

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