Farm worker jobs in the UK are available throughout the year, but especially during harvesting time. So, this job offers full-time as well as seasonal positions. If you’re interested, read more and start getting connected!

Usually, the tasks depend on what kind of farm you would be working on. In the UK, the most popular kind of farming regards the harvest of wheats, oats, and barley. Moreover, depending on the type of farm you would be working on, one of your main tasks would also be managing livestock.

Farm worker jobs in the UK offer around 11.62 GBP/hour, however it can be higher depending on the farm location, your tasks, and experience. Benefits such as accommodation and transportation may be included for this type of job.

General requirements:

  • Driver’s license to drive farm vehicles
  • Strong motivation and excellent physical shape
  • Natural inclination to be active and have strong stamina
  • Ability to communicate with other farmers and possibly buyers
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Experience with farm/agriculture work

General responsibilities:

  • Plant, cultivate, irrigate crops
  • Use specialized farming equipment (tractor , plows, mowers, etc.)
  • Identify and get rid of disease and pests attacking plants
  • Feed livestock according to their needs and provide the necessary accommodation and life-style for them to be healthy
  • Collect milk, eggs, feathers, etc.
  • Work in an organized manner and secure products
  • Maintain farm equipment and infrastructure

Please keep in mind that, you would have to perform more specific tasks, depending on the type of farm.

Applying for farm worker jobs in the UK:

Sign in to your VideoWorkers account and set it to your desired job(s) and location(s).

Then, fill in the CV page with your skills, experience, and education level.

Afterwards, start making your video! Simply follow our guide on how to make a short video in which you show employers your skills and motivation relevant to the job! Upload it and get ready to connect!

Start apply for farm worker jobs in the UK today!

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