Nail technician jobs are becoming more popular than ever! Create artistic, fashionable nail pieces according to clients’ requests and build a strong clientele! If this sounds exciting, sign up on VideoWorkers and easily connect to nail technician jobs in UK!

The average salary for nail technician jobs in UK is 12.31 GBP/hour. However, it depends on your experience and skills, as well as the work location. For instance, while beginner level positions offer 24,000 GBP/year, more experienced professionals can earn up to 39,000 GBP/year. Read the description below and start getting connected!

General requirements:

  • Completed training/beauty school and in possession of a valid license to work as a nail technician
  • Prior experience as a nail technician
  • Extensive knowledge of manicure and pedicure techniques and tools in order to obtain the desired effect, as well as trends and brands of nail polish
  • Knowledge of nail care treatments
  • Good precision and strong creative skills
  • Great customer service and communication skills
  • Good time-management and organization skills
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure
  • Basic computer skills to register appointments

General responsibilities for nail technician jobs in UK :

  • Provide excellent nail tech services by fulfilling your client’s requests precisely using the right techniques and tools
  • Recommend nail colors, patterns, come up with your own designs
  • Prep nails, cut, apply nail polish, seal and set accordingly
  • Advice clients on nail care treatments when necessary
  • Manage clients’ appointments in a timely manner
  • Keep workspace organized, tiny, and sanitary
  • Operate the register and handle cash and POs payments

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