Signal maintainer jobs in Canada are available for dedicated workers! In this position, you would use mechanical and electrical abilities at high professional standards in order to identify and fix technical problems in signal systems.

Your general activity at a signal maintainer job would be to perform routine maintenance and manage urgent repairs for railway systems such as trains and subways.

The average salary for signal maintainer jobs in Canada offers around 33.43 CAD (=24.88 USD). However, the job usually depends on your qualifications as well as experience.


  • High school/vocational diploma
  • Experience in signal maintenance or a similar position
  • Training may be required/provided
  • Ability to perform mechanical repairs
  • Valid driver’s license, Commercial Driver’s License may be required
  • Ability to recognize technical problems and use the appropriate tools and methods to repair railroad systems
  • Physical ability to lift, carry, stand, and move for long periods of time
  • Dexterity and good eye-hand coordination
  • Ability to work flexible schedules
  • Work under health and safety rules and regulations

Responsibilities for signal maintainer jobs in Canada:

  • Inspect signals and cross warning devices, ensure proper functionality
  • Drive to signal’s locations to identify, repair, and test issues at electric gate crossings and signal equipment (interlocks, hotbox detectors etc.)
  • Test wiring, broken lenses or lightbulbs, cleanse glass items with cloths
  • Lubricate moving mechanical parts
  • Inspect electrical units and fix electrical connections and loose colts
  • Document your activity and provide reports
  • Perform other tasks as required for operation of signal systems

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