Foreign fishermen make up a big part of the Canadian fishing industry. At the moment, over 3,000 job openings are available to hard-working and responsible fishermen! At fisherman jobs in Canada, you would use fishing equipment to locate and catch fish within the legal specifications.

Widely depending on job location, conditions, skills and experience, fisherman jobs in Canada offer around 6,000 CAD/month (=4,458.42 USD) on average. Other benefits such as housing and transportation could be included.

Show your great skills and motivation as a fisherman and sign up for fisherman jobs in Canada!

General requirements:

  • High school/vocational diploma preferred
  • Similar previous experience preferred
  • Appropriate state license
  • Extensive knowledge of fishing laws and regulations
  • Professional ability to operate complex fishing technology and equipment
  • Physical fitness to drag, carry, stand, sit for long periods of time
  • Great sense of responsibility and attention to detail
  • Excellent time-management and problem-solving skills

General responsibilities for fisherman jobs in Canada:

  • Identify legal fishing grounds, assess weather and sea conditions, estimate the duration of each trip
  • Use fish equipment to locate fish and other aquatic animals
  • Set traps (nets, lines, dredges) to catch fish and other aquatic animals
  • Measure fish to determine if they meet the legal size for commercial fishing
  • Release the catch if it doesn’t meet the legal size for commercial fishing
  • Sort and clean the catch, store them appropriately in refrigerators
  • Use fishing machinery to hoist captured fish
  • Maintain and ensure the smooth functioning of specialized tools and machines
  • Perform cleaning duties on board as needed
  • Work according to fishing laws and regulations

Create your VideoWorkers account and upload a video of your skills as a fisherman! But first, consult our tutorial to get the most successful results!

Don’t forget to also fill in the CV with your education, experience and skills – and you’re all set!

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