Computer programming jobs in Canada

Computer programming is one of the most in-demand professions everywhere in the world! If you have a computer science degree and are looking for better job opportunities abroad, then sign up for computer programming jobs in Canada!

In this role, you would write codes to allow computer systems to function properly and efficiently, according to specifications. Of course, besides the ability to write code proficiently. you need excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

For entry level positions, experience in the form of internships is highly appreciated. Moreover, some computer programming positions will require a Master’s Degree, which will also secure a higher salary.

The average base salary for computer programming jobs in Canada is around 5,708 CAD/month (=4,228 USD). The offer, however, depends on your education level, experience, and skills as well as the job location.

General requirements:

  • Degree in computer science/programming
  • Expert IT skills
  • Excellent math and computing skills
  • Experience with C++, Java, SQL, HTML etc.,
  • Advanced knowledge of operating systems
  • Prior experience in a similar position
  • Ability to find errors in codes
  • Expert analytical and logical skills
  • Effective communication as well as interpersonal skills
  • Ability to follow deadlines and set priorities
  • Passionate about learning new technology

General responsibilities:

  • Review operating systems and software frequently, make adjustments to ensure smooth-running
  • Write code and implement computer programs, code and debug
  • Design and test computer structures
  • Trouble-shoot system errors
  • Write computer instructions
  • Manage database systems
  • Maintain operating systems
  • Edit source-codes
  • Profile and analyze algorithms
  • Implement build systems
  • Provide tech support
  • Collaborate with software developers in the creation of programs

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How to apply:

Firstly, complete the CV with your professional qualifications such as experience, skills, and education. Then, start creating your video: check out our step-by-step tutorial and make your video accordingly. You simply need a short video in which you introduce yourself and talk about your skills and projects. Like a mini interview, but with less stress!

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