Saudi Arabia is looking for responsible and hospitable workers to take up bus driver jobs!  Over 3,000 such positions are open in the country, now available for women bus drivers as well. Transport passengers by following routes according to schedules!

The average salary for bus driver jobs in Saudi Arabia is 5,090 SAR/month (=1,356.75 USD), usually depending on the city. Benefits such as free transportation to work/home and housing may be included!

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General requirements for bus driver jobs in Saudi Arabia:

  • Driving license and excellent driving skills
  • At least 2 years of driving experience
  • Experience in a similar position preferred
  • Basic ability to read and learn more
  • Knowledge of traffic laws, rules, and regulations
  • Good customer service skills to greet passengers
  • Great sense of responsibility and ability to focus for the whole shift
  • Ability to work flexible hours, at night and in the weekends
  • Good sight, hearing, spatial awareness and reflexes
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Calm and patient in traffic

General responsibilities for bus driver jobs in Saudi Arabia:

  • Follow the assigned route and transport passengers, following all traffic laws accordingly
  • Follow time schedules closely
  • May be required to operate payments
  • Check and perform maintenance on the vehicle at the beginning/end of your shift
  • Report any mechanical issues immediately
  • Keep passengers informed of any delays if applicable
  • Assist disabled people with the appropriate equipment
  • Complete your shift safely

How to apply:

Firstly, fill in the CV with your skills, experience, and education. Then simply upload a video of your relevant skills and motivation to show employers!

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