There are thousands of available welding jobs in Sweden for skilled workers!

Welders are a crucial part of the manufacturing business. From family businesses to huge factories, with or without experience, you can find the right opportunity for you! So, simply sign up on VideoWorkers and get connected to welding jobs in Sweden!

            If you have:

  • Welding jobs experience
  • Professional certificate for welding
  • High school vocational diploma (preferred)
  • Basic mathematical skills for measuring
  • High capacity to learn and master mechanical talents
  • Open attitude and ability follow work instructions
  • The ability to work in an environment with vapors, heat, and loud noise
  • Good communication skills and physical health
  • Good sense of responsibility
  • No problem complying with health and safety regulations

…you should apply for welding jobs in Sweden through your VideoWorkers account!

Other certifications (e.g., forklift license) may be required depending on the job offer.

           General responsibilities:

  • Follow and interpret blueprints and instructions
  • Solder and reshape metal components using welding torches
  • Operate specialized welding machinery (metal inert gas welding machine, gas tungsten arc welding machine etc.,)
  • Source, measure, and cut materials according to blueprints
  • Use the right technique, machines, and materials for the task at hand
  • Set machines according to specifications
  • Be aware of any possible hazards and work according to welding standards and safety requirements
  • Check finished work

Welding jobs in Sweden pay around 13-16 EUR/hour, which makes between 2,400-3,200/month! Moreover, the offer can include other advantages such as transportation, accommodation, food, healthcare. Of course, your education, skills, and experience, as well as work location will determine the salary.

So, upload a video to showcase your skills for welding jobs in Sweden! Don’t forget to fill in the CV template and then you’re all done!

Also, check out our guide on how on make a good video. Simply get connected to great opportunities abroad!

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