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What is employers’ opinion on migrant workers, how do societies welcome migrant workers?  The lack of manpower will globalize even more the employment market. Governments of developed countries have tried to fight the manpower challenges for years. One of the solutions on the table is attracting migrant workers, even from other continents. Germany, for example, has relaxed its policies regarding non-EU migrant workers constantly. Austria is also trying to tie closer bonds with countries with an excess of workers, like India.

Although societies in general don’t seem eager to welcome people from different cultures, the business environment needs this. And there are examples where the decision was right. Thus, in 2019 alone, 169 million migrant workers were legally employed throughout the world. Data from the International Labor Organization show that they’ve boosted the productivity of millions of businesses worldwide.

Why did businesses end up needing migrant workers?

Because the local workers are not available or willing to work anymore, would be the simplistic answer. The situation is more complex. Developed countries are facing an aging population. Japan, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Finland, are in the top 10 countries with the highest percentage of aging population. This means that the locals’ power to work diminishes from one year to another. According to world statistics, in 2022 Europe was the continent with the highest percentage of 65+ years old population. Another reason would be a discrepancy between the development of technologies and how societies adapt to them. So, people from regions that lost businesses are moving towards the areas more developed. Also, as a society develops, its locals specialize in the best-paid jobs. So, there are jobs that locals refuse to do anymore. These are mostly the jobs that the migrant workers are targeting.

Do migrants endanger the local population?

This is the biggest fear in the countries where migrant workers go. The first objection is that foreigners come and take our jobs. We will all be jobless because of the migrants. This is false. The migrants are hired in jobs rejected by the locals, where the businesses didn’t manage to attract local talent. The second objection is that people coming from different cultures will not fit in in developed societies. Indeed, it is not easy to integrate people from different cultures, but, if there is will there is a way. So, companies that run integration programs always succeed in keeping their employees for long periods.

Where can migrant workers be found?

The simplest way to find migrant workers is through VideoWorkers.com. As a company, if you make an account, you can post a job announcement and wait for candidates to apply. Or, you can search for the workers in the database. You can read all about the only video-based recruitment platform in the world and start using it.

To sum up, migrant workers become a necessity, and governments of developed countries are preparing to better integrate them into societies.


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