Open kitchen helper jobs in Italy! Businesses are looking for hard-working individuals with a strong team spirit and hospitable personalities to work as kitchen helpers!

There are numerous opportunities to work as a kitchen helper in Italy in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, catering companies or mall food courts. Join the vibrant, welcoming spirit of Italy and help offer excellent catering experiences!

Applying for this position is generally accepted with no kitchen experience. However, since you would be working in one of the most passionate culinary cultures, interest in proper food preparation and willingness to learn are very important!

If you are:

  • Able to follow instructions
  • Knowledgeable of basic cooking processes
  • Organized and efficient under pressure
  • Responsible and detail-oriented
  • Hospitable and friendly
  • A good communicator and a team player
  • Proactive and interested in the catering business
  • Eager to learn more about kitchen work
  • Willing to follow a flexible schedule and work shifts

…then sign up for kitchen helper jobs in Italy!

What you’ll do:

  • Follow instructions and respect organization
  • Receive, unload, store and organize ingredients and goods
  • Store foods according to health regulations
  • Assist in food preparation
  • Prioritize and keep track of client deliveries
  • Load and unload dishes in the machine
  • Coordinate with your colleagues
  • Be cordial and hospitable to clients
  • Refill fridges, buckets etc.
  • Clean tables and chairs
  • Wrap and label products
  • Deep clean equipment at the end of the day
  • Clean and sanitize daily according to health regulations

On average, kitchen helper jobs in Italy pay around 10 EUR/hour. The salary offer usually depends on the work location. Of course, the higher the standards of the business, the higher the pay!

How to apply: simply sign up on VideoWorkers, fill in the CV template. and upload a video of your skills! Check out our guide on how to create a successful video!

Get started on your application!

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