Thousands of open vacancies for cashier jobs in Canada! Most businesses require a cashier, so there are many different options to choose from!

At most cashier jobs in Canada, you would need to help with other tasks, according to the industry. For instance, if you work as a cashier at a food shop, you would also unload deliveries and organize and label items. Similarly, if you work in retail, you would also need to fold clothes and keep the dressing rooms tidy. Or, if you work as a cashier at a restaurant, you would also sometimes serve tables. You get the point – you need a pro-active attitude and the willingness to learn more!

Of course, at this job, you need to be able to operate with cash and the POs system. However, most cashier jobs in Canada are provided training on the premises. Moreover, you need good customer service skills in order to interact with customers in a friendly way.

Sign up now if you:

  • Have a high school degree (preferred)
  • Have basic reading and writing skills
  • Are adaptable and willing to learn more about store products
  • Have good communication skills
  • Like being proactive and helpful
  • Are friendly and customer oriented
  • Are organized and reliable
  • Follow schedules and instructions well

General responsibilities at cashier jobs in Canada:

  • Welcome and greet customers
  • Be knowledgeable of the products in the store, features and benefits
  • Do cashier work, operate the POs system
  • Interact with customers professionally
  • Assist customers and make recommendations as requested
  • Unload news tocks, stack/fill items, place stickers of product names and prices
  • Maintain a presentable store
  • Organize items in the store as well as in the deposit area
  • Make inventory at the end of the day
  • Be aware of and follow schedules
  • Follow sanitation, health and safety regulations if applicable (e.g., working with fresh products)
  • Comply with the company’s rules and regulations

Apply in simple steps:

First, open your VideoWorkers account and set your job title(s) and location(s) preferences.

Complete the CV with your skills and experience.

Then, make a video showing your relevant skills and motivation to employers!  Watch our tutorial offering step-by-step guidance on how to make a good video.

Take the opportunity and sign up now for cashier jobs in Canada!

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