Companies are in high demand for skilled plasterer jobs in the UK!

Plasterers are in charge of finishing work for walls and ceilings. Usually, they offer their services in new buildings or renovated spaces, to repair any damage and give a fresh feel.

On average, plasterer jobs in the UK offer around 38 GBP/hour. However, it widely depends on your skills and job location.

So, if you’re a qualified and experienced plasterer looking to relocate, sign up for plasterer jobs in the UK on VideoWorkers!


  • Proof of apprenticeship with a certified plasterer (preferred)
  • Experience in a similar role (preferred)
  • Knowledge of plastering techniques, materials, tools, as well as the correct order of operations for plastering
  • Knowledge of decorative plastering and design
  • Good communication skills
  • Stamina and ability to work in harsh weather conditions
  • Ability to work in a team as well as individually
  • Efficient under pressure
  • Organized, responsible and able to give time estimated
  • Willing to follow all health and safety rules and regulations

Responsibilities at plasterer jobs in the UK:

  • Consult about project plans with the relevant stakeholders
  • Inspect and prime surfaces for plastering
  • Fix and repair plastering work if applicable
  • Utilize the appropriate materials, tools and methods
  • Apply plasters according to interior and exterior walls
  • Mix and prepare mortar
  • Report any problems to the site supervisor
  • Coordinate with other construction professionals working on the same project
  • Work efficiently and meet deadlines
  • Perform other tasks as assigned at the specific work location

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Firstly, fill in the CV template by writing down your education, skills, and experience. Afterwards, upload a video showing your skills as a plasterer to employers.

Before you make the video, don’t forget to consult our guide to help you make a video that will secure your job!

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