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In this position, you would assist the dentist during procedures by setting up the dental tray, and handing the correct tools and equipment. You would also be in charge for preparing dental substances/materials, as well as sterilizing and disinfecting instruments.

The average salary for a dental assistant in Canada is around 6,063/month! However, the offer depends on your level of education, experience, and work location.

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General requirements:

  • Certificate from a dental assistant school, additional certification and training is a big bonus
  • Proven experience as a dental assistant
  • Extensive knowledge of dental instruments and the appropriate application, as well as sterilization methods
  • Proficient understanding of health and safety regulations
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong sense of responsibility and trust-worthiness
  • Able to perform basic dental procedures
  • Follows direction accurately

General responsibilities for dental assistant jobs in Canada:

  • Greets patients, prepares and hands out forms, prepares customers for procedures and ensures their comfort
  • Sterilize instruments and equipment as required by regulations
  • Sets up instruments and materials for the dentist
  • Assists dentist in the procedures as instructed (handing out items, adjusting equipment, using peripheral tools such as the suction pump)
  • Provide oral hygiene and post-operation care
  • Schedule appointments and perform documentation for patient’s records
  • Assist with payment procedures
  • Keep dental room clean, tidy, sanitized

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