Drillers are in big demand in Canada! Drillers set up, operate, and maintain the equipment for drilling wells for oil or gas. If you’re hard-working, knowledgeable and skilled with construction materials, sign up for driller jobs in Canada!

On average, driller jobs in Canada offer around 32.02 CAD/hour, with other included benefits such as covered accommodation and transportation costs. More precisely, an entry level job for driller jobs in Canada is approximately 56,550 CAD/year (=42,212.99 USD). However, for more experienced professionals, the average pay is 92,625 (=69,141.78 USD).

So, keep reading below and connect to the right offer for you!

General requirements:

  • High school or vocational diploma preferred
  • Drilling related certificates
  • Valid relevant license
  • Driver’s license may be required
  • Previous experience working in a similar position
  • Mechanical skills
  • Safety, communication and supervisory skills
  • Knowledge of soil and construction materials
  • Ability to work flexible schedules
  • Willingness to work in adverse environments

General responsibilities for driller jobs in Canada:

  • Conduct the technological processes for drilling wells for thermal, oil, gas and other minerals
  • Deep drill installations following technical and geological order, technical maps and regulations
  • Verify and assess positions and depth of boring locations to determine if it’s safe to continue with the process
  • Check gauges, monitor drilling conditions to determine the appropriate drill for each job
  • Bore and drill holes for building, routing, anchoring etc.,
  • Collaborate with other workers on the site to ensure accuracy and safety
  • Control the speed of the drilling machine, align and position drills to stabilize machines
  • Change procedures, regulate pressure, rotary speed and air pressure according to the material
  • Assemble casing pipes, augers, machines etc., using the appropriate hand and power tools
  • Maintain documentation of drilling mode and parameters of the fluid
  • Use blowout preventers in case of emergency
  • Perform maintenance and repairs of drilling equipment
  • Follow standard operations to guarantee safety, in compliance with standards for oil and gas

Apply on VideoWorkers for driller jobs in Canada:

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