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As a makeup artist, you need excellent creative skills to stand out from the fierce competition. Usually, makeup artists offer their services in salons, where professionals apply makeup for special occasions (weddings, birthdays, etc.). You can also work in makeup stores and promote products by applying makeup for in-store clients! And, of course, with the right skillset, you could also opt for the fashion industry, as well as TV or movie sets in the UK.

On average, makeup artist jobs in UK offer around 20 GBP/hour. It is expected that a high profile job would pay more, however it still depends on your skills and experience.

If you’re passionate, creative and skilled, sign up to be a makeup artist in the UK!

General requirements:

  • Completed training
  • Experience in the industry is a benefit
  • Understand stylistic elements and the importance of lighting
  • Excellent creativity and attention to detail
  • Great customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent knowledge of product, trends, and styles
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Strong passion for trends and make-up
  • SFX makeup skills is an incredible bonus

General responsibilities:

  • Utilize industry knowledge to enhance facial features
  • Consult with the client and create the look according to their specifications
  • Make sure the substances you’re using won’t cause irritation or start allergies
  • Remove make up if applicable
  • Determine which colors and style are best suited
  • Work with costume designers, set designers and stylists if applicable
  • Stay updated with the latest trends
  • Have a diverse, skin tone inclusive kit
  • Consult with clients about their skincare routines and provide advice is necessary
  • Operate within health and safety regulations
  • Perform other tasks according to the job location

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