Portuguese Immigration Form

Portuguese Immigration: SEF Replaced by AIMA

The Portuguese immigration system marks a new era in migration policy. In the last quarter of 2023, a new Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum (AIMA) replaced the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).  AIMA is now responsible for handling

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Labor Immigration in Germany

Labor Immigration in Germany: Facts and Figures

Germany, known for its robust economy, is facing a significant challenge – a shortage of skilled and low-qualified workers across various sectors. This staffing shortage spans social and education, health and care, construction, and IT. To address this issue, the

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EU Immigration Department

EU Employers: Which Immigration Department to Contact?

In each EU Member State, the immigration department is responsible for laws and decisions regarding immigrants and immigration.  For EU employers looking to hire third-country nationals, dealing with the immigration department is a mandatory step. Typically, these departments grant permission

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Migrant Farm Workers

Migrant Farm Workers: What US Employers Must Know

For years, migrant farm workers have played a crucial role in sustaining America’s food supply. As reported by the National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH), there are approximately 2.9 million agricultural workers in the US. Nevertheless, the agricultural sector is

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Providing Information About the Skilled Worker Visa Cost

How Much Does a UK Skilled Worker Visa Cost?

In the effort to build a skilled and diverse team, UK employers are exploring opportunities beyond national boundaries. A crucial part of this process is understanding the Skilled Worker visa cost. This article breaks down the direct expenses involved in

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Hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada

How to Hire a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada

In our ever-evolving job market, businesses frequently find themselves seeking skilled workers from across the globe. Canada, known for its inclusive policies, offers a straightforward process that allows you to hire a temporary foreign worker to fill your staffing gaps. If

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Hiring Foreign Workers in Slovakia

Hiring Foreign Workers in Slovakia in 2 Easy Steps

Hiring foreign workers in Slovakia is a common practice among employers who are facing staff shortages. When companies can’t find enough qualified local candidates, bringing international workers in Slovakia is the only viable solution. If you’re looking to hire EU nationals,

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Hiring Foreign Workers in Poland

Foreign Workers in Poland: A Complete Guide to Hiring

Hiring foreign workers in Poland has become a common practice for many local companies. Globalization and the country’s well-diversified economy are encouraging Polish employers to tap into the international talent pool. Moreover, Poland has been suffering from labor shortages for

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Hiring Foreign Workers in Italy

Hiring Foreign Workers in Italy: A Complete Guide

Looking to hire foreign workers in Italy and diversify your workforce with international talent? Italy’s thriving economy makes it an attractive destination for professionals from around the world. Hiring foreign employees can bring fresh perspectives to your organization, helping it

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Hiring Overseas Workers in Australia

How to Hire Overseas Workers in Australia

Is your business ready to tap into global talent and hire overseas workers in Australia? It’s no secret that Australian companies are facing massive talent shortages. Construction, manufacturing, sales, hospitality, and the administrative industry make up the top five sectors

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Hiring Foreign Workers in Switzerland

5 Steps to Hiring Foreign Workers in Switzerland

Hiring foreign workers in Switzerland can be a practical solution for addressing staff shortages. Switzerland is experiencing a shortage of qualified foreign workers, especially in fields like healthcare, engineering, and information technology. Despite having a highly skilled domestic workforce, many

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Hiring Foreign Workers in Cyprus

Hiring Foreign Workers in Cyprus: A Detailed Guide

Are you interested in hiring foreign workers in Cyprus? In today’s ever-evolving labor market, an increasing number of Cypriot employers are casting their nets wider to welcome non-EU workers into their fold. However, you should be careful when employing international

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Getting a Work Permit Online

Can You Get a Work Permit Online in the EU?

In today’s digital age, many processes have shifted online. This makes administrative procedures more convenient and accessible. One question often asked by EU employers is whether it’s possible to obtain a work permit online. The short answer is, it depends.

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Getting a Work Visa for Canada

How to Get a Work Visa for Canada

“How can I get a work visa for Canada?” “What’s the difference between a work permit and a work visa for Canada?” We often receive these questions from people who want to work in Canada and ensure they comply with

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Getting a Green Card

What Is a Green Card and Who Can Get One?

A green card, also known as a permanent resident card, is an official identification card. It gives qualifying individuals permanent work and residence rights in the United States.  The green card is issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

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