With millions of foreign employees, Australia is one of the leading nations in immigration. The country is sharing this status with New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. 

According to data from the Australian Labor Market for Migrants and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the labor market in Australia reflects resilience. Over the past years, it has demonstrated robust full-time employment growth. 

Recent data also shows improvements for both the long-term unemployed and underemployed individuals. 

This article provides a brief overview of the migrant labor market in Australia, along with key statistics.


Migration to Australia: An Overview


Since 1945, millions of individuals have chosen Australia as their home. Australia’s primary program for permanent migration is the Migration Program

Over the years, there has been a fluctuation in migration program planning numbers. The government has set the current figure at 190,000 places. These places are predominantly filled by skilled foreign employees.

Australia’s immigration policy has experienced a significant transformation over the past decades. Initially centered on attracting general migrants from the UK, the focus has shifted towards prioritizing economic migrants and temporary skilled migrants.

In this context, the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa has become a crucial element. It serves as a key player in addressing skills shortages in a wide array of industries. 


Foreign Employees in Australia: Key Statistics


  • 3.0 million permanent migrants have arrived in Australia since 2000.


  • India is the top country of birth among permanent migrants, accounting for 439,700 people.


  • 89% of permanent migrants reported being proficient in English (2.7 million people).


  • Over the last year, construction experienced the highest employment growth (146,200 persons). This is followed by Health Care and Social Assistance (97,300 persons) and Retail Trade (73,400 persons).


  • Skilled workers constitute the majority of permanent migrants by visa stream, accounting for 59% of the total (1,761,000 people).


  • The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) had the highest share (59.6%) of workers in selected occupation groups, followed by New South Wales (NSW, 54.2%) and Victoria (54.0%).


  • People born in the Americas have the lowest unemployment rate (2.4%). At the same time, those born in North Africa and the Middle East have a relatively high rate (7.5%).


  • Sales Workers experienced the largest decrease in employment (32,100 persons).


  • Recent migrants with tertiary qualifications have a higher participation rate (83.0%) and lower unemployment rate (5.9%).


  • Female migrants from MESC have the lowest unemployment rate (3.9%).


  • Recent female migrants have a lower participation rate (66.7%) compared to males (78.6%).


  • Almost 70% of individuals who initially arrived in the country on a temporary visa transitioned to obtaining a permanent visa within 5 years.


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