In a world of global employment, New Zealand companies are finding themselves in the midst of a unique challenge – bringing in international talent. This also requires employers to understand the foreign worker visa procedures for potential employees.

Staying informed about visa requirements allows you to seamlessly attract, hire, and retain foreign talent.

In this article, we explore the different aspects of the work visa process in New Zealand, offering a practical guide to make the hiring journey smoother.


Foreign Worker Visa: Navigating Through a Wide Array of Options


With over 80 different work visas available, New Zealand presents both opportunities and challenges for employers. 

Navigating this array of visas requires a clear understanding of specific requirements and implications. 

As an employer, it is your responsibility to guide prospective employees in selecting the right type of visa. A well-informed choice at this stage sets the foundation for a smoother application process.

Information about the different foreign worker visa schemes can be found here.  


Preparation is Key: Essential Documents Candidates Must Collect Before Applying


Before initiating the application process for a foreign worker visa, candidates need to gather essential information about themselves and their plans for their time in New Zealand. 

As an employer, you can streamline this process by providing guidance on the specific documentation required for the chosen visa category.

These documents may include:

  • Valid passport


  • Results of a medical checkup


  • Proof of a clean criminal record 


  • Proof of sufficient financial means 


  • Skills and education certificates 


  • Proof of previous stay in New Zealand, if applicable


  • Expression of Interest (EOI), required for certain visa types

The supporting documents must be translated into English and certified by the competent authorities. Candidates can apply for a foreign worker visa either online or on paper, at the competent Diplomatic Mission. 

You can find further information about the visa application process on the Immigration New Zealand website.


Foreign Worker Visa: Application Tracking


It’s important to inform your prospective employee that the competent authorities in New Zealand allow them to track their visa application status.

This requires applicants to log in to their account with Immigration New Zealand. Then, they must select the visa type they applied for. 


Explore Further: A Comprehensive Guide on Hiring Foreign Workers in New Zealand


Explore all the details of the process of hiring foreign workers in New Zealand with our comprehensive guide

This extensive resource provides further insights into the foreign worker visa procedures, including application fees and processing times.


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