In 2024, 100,000 foreign workers can obtain a Romanian work permit. Initially, the Romanian government raised the quota for non-EU work permits to 140,000 in 2024. This was an increase from the previous limit of 100,000 in 2023. 

However, a recent update reveals a shift in the government’s stance. As a result, Romania is now approving a revised quota of 100,000 workers for the year 2024. 

This change, prompted by economic considerations and internal labor dynamics, brings new considerations for both employers and the foreign workforce.


Romanian Work Permit: Quota Adjustments 


The Romanian Government based the initial decision to increase the work permit quota on an estimated 500,000 vacancies. Nevertheless, concerns have been raised about the accuracy of this figure. argues that the actual number of reported vacancies is much smaller, standing at around 33,000. 

For this reason, the recent decision sticks to a 100,000-worker quota, as mentioned at the start of this article. However, this decision raises questions about the government’s strategy in balancing economic demands and labor market dynamics.

For example, the 100,000-worker quota approval is considered insufficient by the Labor Importers’ Association (Patronatul Importatorilor de Forţă de Muncă). The worry increased as 50,000 Romanians left the country in 2023, causing a big shortage of workers.


Romania Is Heavily Relying on Foreign Labor


Despite the government reducing the number of Romanian work permit quotas for 2024, the country finds itself increasingly dependent on foreign labor, as highlighted by Antena 3.  

Urgent calls from domestic companies for additional workers, especially in construction and manufacturing, highlight the pressing need for foreign workforce.

The nation faces a significant labor shortage due to emigration and a declining interest in manual professions among the local workforce. That’s why employers see the influx of foreign workers, particularly from Asia, as a temporary solution to ongoing challenges.


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