If you’re wondering whether you can hire foreign workers in Denmark, the short answer is yes.

However, you must ensure your workers hold proper work permits.

There are many legal considerations you must navigate to ensure a smooth and compliant employment experience.

In this article, we simplify the process by exploring the key regulations and factors that shape hiring foreign workers in Denmark.


How to Hire Foreign Workers in Denmark: 3 Essential Steps


When it comes to hiring non-EU workers, Denmark has a relatively easy process compared to other EU countries.

This can be attributed to two key factors.

Firstly, the visa application can be conveniently submitted online.

Secondly, foreign workers have the advantage of obtaining an entry visa concurrently with their work and residence permits.

This eliminates the need for separate applications.

Follow the steps below to successfully navigate the process of hiring foreigners for your Danish company.


Step 1: Identify the Right Type of Visa Scheme for Your Future Worker


There are two agencies under the Ministry of Immigration and Integration that handle work and residence regulations:

  • Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI)
  • Danish Immigration Service

The website https://www.nyidanmark.dk is jointly administered by these two agencies. It provides comprehensive information about the rules for entering and residing in Denmark.

The website presents the most common work visa schemes currently available as follows:


Pay Limit Scheme


This visa scheme is for individuals who received a job offer with an annual salary of at least DKK 465,000 (around 62.400 EUR).

Candidates do not need specific educational background or work experience to apply for this visa scheme.


Supplementary Pay Limit Scheme


Individuals who received a job offer with an annual salary of at least  DKK 375,000 (around 50.300 EUR) can apply for this visa type.

Under this visa scheme, candidates do not need specific educational background or relevant work experience.


Positive Lists


The Positive Lists are for workers who received a job offer in professions experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals.

Under this scheme, you can choose between:

  • The positive list for highly educated workers – For workers with an educational background that makes them qualified for the job
  • The positive list for skilled work – For skilled professionals who are qualified for shortage occupations


Fast Track Scheme


The Fast Track scheme is for individuals who received a job offer in Denmark from a company certified by SIRI.

Danish companies can obtain a certification from SIRI to simplify the hiring process of highly qualified foreigners under the Fast Track scheme.

This visa scheme allows for a flexible permit and quick job start (between 0 and 10 days).

The Fast Track scheme includes five different tracks:

  • Pay limit track – For workers who have an annual salary of at least DKK 465,000 (around 62.400 EUR)
  • Supplementary pay limit track – For workers who have an annual salary of at least DKK 375,000 (around 50.300 EUR)
  • Short-term track – For workers who need a Denmark seasonal work visa for a duration of up to 90 days
  • Researcher track – For individuals who received a position as a researcher
  • Educational track – For highly qualified individuals with relevant work experience within a specific industry




This is a visa scheme for individuals who received a paid position as a researcher in a Danish research institution.


Special Individual Qualifications


People who have special qualifications can apply for this visa scheme.

Special individual qualifications may include artists, professional athletes, or specialized chefs.


Herdsmen and Farm Managers


This visa scheme is for people who received a job offer as a herdsman or farm manager in the agricultural sector. It is not suitable for farm workers or people working in other industries, such as horticulture and forestry.


Drill Rigs and Other Mobile Workplaces


This visa is available for individuals working on a drilling rig, drilling ship, or any other vessel that enters Denmark for a short period of time.




The trainee visa is for individuals who received a temporary job offer for educational or training purposes.




The Authorization scheme is intended for medical doctors, dentists, and nurses who do not hold a Danish authorization.


Step 2: Conduct a Labor Market Test


Certain visa schemes require you to test the Danish labor market to see if local workers are available to fill the role.

To do so, you must advertise the position on specific websites.

If the job advertisement remains unanswered, you have the option to move forward with hiring non-EU workers.

Do note that certain visa schemes do not require you to test the market.

For example, the Pay Limit scheme removes the need for a labor market test when hiring highly skilled foreign workers.

Under this scheme, you can hire non-EU foreign workers in Denmark based on market demand.


Step 3: You and Your Future Worker Complete the Application for a Denmark Work Visa


In most cases, your future worker is responsible for completing the visa application online via SIRI.

However, for certain visa schemes such as the Fast Track scheme, you can apply on behalf of your employee.

This can be done using a power of attorney.

Even if the candidate completes the online application, you still need to provide SIRI with certain documents.

Some of these documents may include:

  • Employment contract including details about the employment conditions. You can find the list of the information that the employment contract must include here.
  • Sworn declaration that the job position has been advertised on specific websites for a specific duration
  • Documentation for wage and terms of employment which are not included in the employment contract

Do note that SIRI provides two types of application forms:

  • The AR1 form which requires both you and your employee to fill out specific sections. As an employer, you must complete the first part to generate a reference number and password. Then, you must share this information with the employee. This will enable them to access the online application and complete their section.
  • The AR6 form which requires you to complete the form on behalf of the employee using a power of attorney. In this case, your employee must provide you with an official declaration. The declaration must state that they have not incurred a fine amounting to DKK 3,000 or more under the Criminal Code of the Aliens Act. You will have to attach the declaration to the application.

To assist workers in this process, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that includes step-by-step instructions.

Make sure you carefully read it because both you and your employee need to understand the steps for completing the online application.

Access the complete guide by clicking here.


Hiring Foreign Workers in Denmark: Final Considerations


Hiring foreign workers in Denmark can be a valuable step that enables you to solve your labor shortage.

By navigating the legal aspects and offering support, you can unlock the potential of an international workforce.

You must remember that a well-prepared and inclusive approach can lead to long-term success and growth for your company in Denmark’s dynamic global landscape.

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