One question often asked by UK employers is what candidates need to apply for a Skilled Worker visa. What are the supporting documents they need to submit?

Navigating global talent recruitment can be tricky for employers like you who are dealing with immigration rules for skilled foreign workers.

However, the Skilled Worker visa is crucial for bringing skilled professionals into the UK. Let’s explore key things you and your prospective employee should be aware of when applying for this visa.


Understanding the Skilled Worker Visa Requirements and Fees


Before we start, it’s important to mention that we’ve already covered the key requirements and costs of the Skilled Worker visa in detail.

For a full understanding, check out our articles on Skilled Worker Visa Requirements and Processing Time and Skilled Worker Visa Fees. They’re essential reads to make sure you know the basics of applying for this visa.


Supporting Documents Required to Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa


The Skilled Worker visa aims to bring in people with specific skills to help the UK job market. As an employer, you must know what documents candidates need to submit to make the hiring process smooth and efficient.

Below you will find a list of supporting documents that might be required to complete the online application. Do note, however, that the competent authorities reserve the right to request any additional documents.

You should also be aware that not all of these documents are necessarily mandatory. This depends on the applicant’s personal circumstances and the position they apply for.

  • Valid passport with at least one blank page


  • Proof of English proficiency. This may include the results of a Secure English Language Test (SELT), UK academic qualifications in English, or a foreign degree verified by Ecctis



  • Job title, annual salary, and occupation code


  • Proof of sufficient financial means (at least £1,270 available in the bank account)


  • Documentation confirming the relationship with a spouse, partner, or children if they are also submitting an application


  • The results of a tuberculosis test. You can check the list of countries where applicants need a TB test here


  • Proof of a clean criminal record. This requirement applies to positions in education, healthcare, therapy, and social services



  • UK PhD certificate or Ecctis reference number, if the applicant’s qualification is from abroad. In this case, application through Ecctis is required



A Rich Resource Pool: Your Guide to Hiring Foreign Workers in the UK


Not all candidates need to apply for a Skilled Worker visa. Depending on their skills and position offered, other visa options may be available.

In our commitment to empowering UK employers with valuable insights, we’ve crafted a holistic guide covering all the aspects of hiring foreign workers in the UK.

Check out our guide for a full understanding of the process.


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