If you’re looking to hire welders for your Europe-based company, you might have trouble finding local skilled workers. 

According to the EURES Report on Labor Shortages and Surpluses, there are currently 17 EU countries struggling to find professional welders. The report also points out that there is a 54% shortage of welders and flame cutters in the EU.

This alarming shortage could seriously impact a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, aerospace, and more. 

Read on as we delve into the current scenario and explore the best ways to tackle the welder shortage across the EU. 


Welders in High Demand: Europe Faces a Growing Shortage 


As Europe experiences growth across various industries, the demand for welding professionals has surged. The increased number of construction projects as well as infrastructure developments have thrust welding into the forefront of the job market.  

However, the growth of industries isn’t the only factor creating a higher demand for welding professionals. The aging workforce in the industry is another significant factor, with many welders approaching retirement age. 

That’s why the shortage of skilled welders has become a pressing issue that many EU countries need to solve. 

For instance, in France, the energy crisis has prompted the import of workers from the US and Canada. The French power giant EDF is recruiting welders and other professionals to address France’s nuclear industry needs, informs Reuters.  

Likewise, Railway News informs that Alstom aims to recruit 200 welders for its Česká Lípa site in the Czech Republic. This project is part of a global plan to hire 7,500 employees. 

The Česká Lípa facility also tackles the persistent shortage of welders in the country by implementing a dedicated training facility. Specifically, it is offering an extensive program that incorporates cutting-edge AI-based virtual reality training for new recruits.

However, for many EU companies looking to hire welders from abroad, a question comes up: What is the best way to quickly recruit and hire skilled professionals? The best solution lies in VideoWorkers, an innovative recruiting platform that directly connects employers with foreign talent. 


How to Easily Hire Welders in Europe with VideoWorkers


VideoWorkers stands out as a premier recruiting platform facilitating the seamless connection between companies and international talent. 

All you need to do to harness the platform’s features is create a free company account. Once your account has been set up, you can either explore the extensive candidate database or post a targeted job ad. Both approaches can help you identify and connect with talented welders who are eager to work abroad.  

Furthermore, the platform simplifies the hiring experience by providing skill demo videos for each candidate. This allows you to assess candidates’ expertise before making decisions. Don’t miss out on the future of international recruitment – explore VideoWorkers today and revolutionize your hiring process.

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