As a Canadian employer, you might struggle to hire truck drivers for your company. One of the biggest issues the Canadian trucking industry faces today is the shortage of skilled workers, especially a shortage of professional truck drivers. 

According to a PwC report cited by HRD, there are currently over 20,000 vacant driver positions, and this number is expected to increase. 

Read on as we delve into the root causes of Canada’s trucking shortage and the best solutions to bridge the growing gap. 


Why Is Canada Facing a Trucker Shortage?


In Canada, there aren’t enough qualified truck drivers because many are leaving for jobs with better pay and working conditions. Many claim that truck drivers are unhappy with the trucking lifestyle. 

According to the above-mentioned report, the main reasons for the shortage are the difficulty of attracting young people and the negative perception of the trucking profession. The erratic schedule has determined the younger generation to opt for different industries in order to avoid work-life conflict. Not to mention the high level of risk from long hours on the road, often under unsafe conditions. 

Furthermore, PwC notes that the trucking industry has one of the oldest workforces. The average age of drivers has risen from 44 to 49 years old. This marks a notable difference compared to age averages in other industries.

This massive shortage is putting Canada’s economy at risk. The trucking industry plays a pivotal role in moving goods across Canada and the US, ensuring the timely delivery of products to businesses and consumers.

A shortage of professional truck drivers may result in delays in shipments and empty shelves. This, in turn, could lead to an increase in prices. 

For this reason, the Canadian government has developed an extensive plan for the trucking sector. Currently, it is strategically investing in skills training. Some provinces, such as Alberta, are also taking initiatives by allocating $30 million for driver training. 

Omar Alghabra, Canada’s minister of transport, says that the government’s investment in the Trucking HR project supports skill development and job readiness for truckers.

Nevertheless, Canada still needs quick solutions to overcome the truck driver shortage. That’s why immigration is one of the best ways to sustain the labor force in the industry. If you want to hire truck drivers, read on as we explore the topic in more detail. 


Hire Truck Drivers in Canada with VideoWorkers


With so many talented truck drivers looking for jobs abroad, there is hope that the Canadian trucking industry will be able to weather this storm. 

What’s important for employers looking to hire truck drivers is to find talented and skilled individuals in the right place, at the right time. This is a critical approach as many Canadian businesses rely on truck drivers to deliver the products consumers need. 

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What makes VideoWorkers stand out is the demo skill video feature. It is a valuable tool that allows you to gain deeper insights into the abilities of potential candidates. It helps you match the right skills with the specific requirements in the industry. 

This, in turn, enables you to immediately address your staffing shortages. All while benefiting from the skills and experience that international workers bring to the table. 

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