Slovakia is currently facing a serious labor shortage and the country is considering hiring even more international workers. 

A report on Tackling labor shortages in EU Member States shows that over 90% of businesses in Slovakia with a workforce of 10 or more employees find it challenging to fill their vacant positions.

The shortages extend beyond specific industries, impacting care workers, medical professionals, drivers, and more. The Central Office of the Labor, Social Affairs and Family (UPSVAR) underscores the urgency for effective solutions to address these shortages and uphold economic stability.

This article will delve into the current state of the labor market in Slovakia, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to meet the rising demand for skilled labor.


Explosive Growth and Labor Market Dynamics


The past decade has witnessed an exponential surge in the number of international workers employed in Slovakia. Their number reached 97,263 in June 2023 which represents a growth of 68% compared to June 2013, reports the European Commission. At the moment, there are nearly 100,000 job vacancies in Slovakia across diverse industries. 

This noteworthy growth of 68% is attributed to various factors, especially the influx of individuals escaping the conflict in Ukraine. The Ukrainian conflict has propelled skilled professionals to seek opportunities in Slovakia, creating a positive economic impact. 

However, this influx also presents challenges for Ukrainian professionals. These workers often find themselves in positions that may not fully align with their qualifications.

Additionally, Slovakia is experiencing a notable rise in Indian employees, as reported by Euractiv. This influx is particularly pronounced in the IT and automotive sectors. In these sectors, there is a notable shortage of skilled workers, including truck drivers and welders. 

Beyond non-EU nationals, the data shows a significant presence of EU nationals in the workforce, with Romanians leading at 7,257 employed individuals. This diversity in the talent pool shows the collaborative contribution of various nationalities to Slovakia’s economic landscape.

As the demand for international workers is on the rise, the government streamlined migration legislation to facilitate the employment of foreign workers in Slovakia. However, some policymakers exhibit a conservative stance, presenting a challenge in fully harnessing the potential of foreign talent.

To ensure economic growth, there is a pressing need for collaborative efforts between policymakers and employers. This can help create a more inclusive labor market, unlocking the full potential of foreign talent in Slovakia.


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