Filipinos working as domestic helpers in the Middle East, Romanians harvesting onions in Spalding, and Indians building Dubai’s grand hotels: these are just a few migrant workers examples.

These individuals leave their home countries in pursuit of greener pastures and help many countries plug their labor shortfalls.

In this article, we explore some common examples of migrant workers. Plus, we take a brief look at the profound impact they have on the worldwide economy.


Global Workforce Diversity: Migrant Workers Examples Shaping the World


Romanians picking onions in Spalding: The quaint town of Spalding, United Kingdom, becomes a bustling hub during the onion harvest season, with Romanian workers at the forefront.

Indians building Dubai’s grand hotels: Dubai’s ever-evolving skyline owes much to the hard work of Indians. They play a significant role in building the city’s opulent hotels and resorts.

Mexicans working in Californian tomato fields: California’s sun-kissed tomato fields depend on the Mexican workforce. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure the world enjoys delectable ketchup, salsa, and an assortment of tomato-based delights.

Filipinos working as domestic helpers in the Middle East: Across the Middle East, Filipino domestic workers play an important role in ensuring the smooth functioning of households. Their unwavering commitment keeps homes running seamlessly.

Ukrainian farm workers helping during Polish harvests: During the harvest season, many Ukrainians travel to Polish farms. This has a major impact on Poland’s agricultural productivity.

Skilled Indians working in Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley in California continues to be a hotbed of technological advancement. H-1B visa holders from India play an important role in the development of cutting-edge tech solutions.

Turks carrying out activities in Germany’s key sectors: Germany’s industrial might partly relies on the labor of Turkish guest workers. These individuals often specialize in manufacturing, construction, and healthcare, underpinning the strength of the German economy.


Impact of Migration on the Economic Development


Above we have provided a few examples of migrant workers who make a significant impact on the global economy. There are many compelling stats showing their vital role.

In the United States, for instance, more than half of the agricultural workforce includes individuals from abroad. These individuals contribute to the annual harvest of fruits and vegetables worth billions of dollars.

In the United Kingdom, roughly 16.5% of professionals in the National Health Service (NHS) hail from foreign lands, serving millions of people. In the UAE, migrant workers form a substantial segment of the labor force, making up over 80% of the population. Their contributions are evident in the construction of remarkable infrastructure projects.

Furthermore, Silicon Valley, famous for technological innovation, boasts a significant presence of foreign entrepreneurs. Over 50% of startups in Silicon Valley have at least one immigrant founder.

These stats show the important role played by migrant workers across various sectors of the global economy.

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