Asia’s increasing labor force demands creative solutions to minimize risks and secure social protection for Asian workers worldwide. In a gathering that convened policymakers, practitioners, and civil society representatives, the 2nd ASEAN-EU Dialogue on Safe and Fair Labor Migration took center stage.

The main focus encompassed two key objectives. The first one was the exploration of strategies to protect the rights of 7.1 million ASEAN migrants. The second one was the initiation of an awareness campaign via the ASEAN Safe and Fair Migration Campaign.

This dual agenda aimed to address both the immediate concerns of migrant workers and the broader advocacy for safe migration practices within the ASEAN region.


Empowering Asian Workers through AVPs


The dialogue showcased the launch of audio-visual products (AVPs) as part of the Public Campaign on Safe and Fair Migration in ASEAN.

These AVPs, available in multiple languages, aim to empower prospective and current migrant workers with comprehensive information. The initiative enjoys support from the European Union (EU) and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Philippine Migrant Workers Secretary Susan V. Ople emphasized the crucial role of information and education in empowering migrant workers. Secretary Ople believes that all Asian workers should use these materials to improve their families’ economic situation during their journeys abroad.


EU Ambassador’s Perspective: Addressing Complexity with Commitment


H.E. Igor Driesmans, EU Ambassador to ASEAN, underlined the complexities associated with migration and the commitment of the EU-ASEAN Strategic Partnership to address common challenges.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of including marginalized voices in the migration debate, recognizing their valuable contribution to policy development.


A Stride Towards Shared Prosperity: ASEAN and EU Pave the Way


The 2nd ASEAN-EU Dialogue concluded with a focus on the joint response required for the increasing mobility of migrant workers. Participants acknowledged the necessity for continuous improvement in labor migration governance and regional measures.

This collaborative effort aims to create a safe and fair environment for migrant workers, contributing to shared prosperity and sustainable development in Southeast Asia.


Embracing Ethical Recruitment for Asian Workers: A Call to Employers


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