Many US companies looking to hire carpenters are unable to find a local workforce.

So why is that?

The construction industry in the US is currently facing a critical shortage of skilled carpenters. 

According to an Associated General Contractors of America survey of its members, 85% of contractors have trouble finding local carpenters.

Likewise, a survey by the National Association of Home Builders revealed that 90% of builders working on single-family homes reported a shortage of rough carpenters.

This article explores the reasons behind this shortage and examines potential solutions to address it.  


Why Does the US Have a Shortage of Carpenters?


There are many reasons why the US is currently facing a persistent shortage of skilled carpenters. 

Carpenter shortages initially emerged in the 1940s. By the 1990s, the issue had become a nationwide challenge.

As construction projects slowed down, the financial crisis in 2008 marked one of the few periods of reduced demand for carpenters. However, when building activity picked up again in 2011, builders began worrying about not having enough carpenters.

Many claim that carpentry is no longer appealing to the younger generation due to the relatively low compensation compared to other skilled labor jobs. 

The SBCA (Structural Building Components Association) points out that the mean annual salary of a carpenter is just above $55,000. This is significantly less than the earnings of other trades such as plumbers, electricians, boilermakers, and brick masons. Not to mention that there’s a misconception among young individuals that starting pay is even lower.   

Moreover, the trend of early retirement is making it harder to pass on knowledge and expertise to younger generations.

As reported by The Hustle, Ed Brady, president of the Home Builders Institute, once paid carpenters $2.50 per square foot for framing a house. With the ongoing shortage, he now pays nearly three times that amount. Unfortunately, this increased cost is ultimately transferred to consumers.

Despite a renewed interest among high school students, fueled by social media and reality TV, addressing these challenges is crucial. Educational initiatives, regulatory measures, and efforts to improve the profession’s image are essential. These steps are necessary to ensure carpentry’s continued success in the United States.

Nevertheless, many US companies need quick solutions to hire skilled carpenters and address their workforce shortages. 


How to Easily Hire Carpenters and Fill Your Staffing Gaps 


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