In recent times, New Zealand’s construction sector has witnessed a significant rise in diversity within its workforce. As economic conditions influence the demand for construction labor, a closer look at the origins, work locations, and experience levels of immigrant construction workers becomes pivotal.


New Zealand Construction Sector: Steady Growth Amidst Challenges


Between 2000 and 2021, New Zealand’s construction activity rose from 5% to 7% of GDP. This increase in construction activity doubled total employment to about 285,000 workers, constituting 10% of all jobs.

Growth was influenced by a wide array of factors. Some of these factors include the Global Financial Crisis, Christchurch earthquakes, Auckland’s Unitary Plan, migration, housing demand, public sector investment changes, and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Immigrant Construction Workers: Navigating Labor Shortages and Skills Gaps


Persistent labor and skills shortages present ongoing challenges in the construction sector.

That’s why New Zealand companies have tapped into the expertise of immigrant construction workers. They often rely on their skills to fulfill industry demands and bridge staffing gaps. In response, the government has implemented strategic measures like the Construction Skills Action Plan and the Apprenticeship Boost scheme.

These initiatives are tailored to mitigate skill shortages in the medium term. Additionally, they recognize the role of immigration in addressing gaps in skilled labor.

Auckland: The Hub for Immigrant Construction Workers


Auckland stands out as the focal point for migrant construction labor, hosting over 10,000 immigrant construction workers.

A 2022 study reveals that the majority of these workers come from Great Britain, the Philippines, India, South Africa, and China.

While Indian and Chinese workers contribute significantly to Auckland’s construction scene, individuals from Great Britain and the Philippines disperse across other regions, particularly Canterbury.

Analyzing the experience levels of migrant construction workers sheds light on a spectrum of skills entering New Zealand. Approximately 10% of these workers bring over five years of experience, highlighting the diverse skill sets arriving in the country.


Embracing the Future of Construction Workforce in New Zealand


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