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Migrant workers in Germany wanted for 148 critical professions

migrant workers in germany

Migrant workers, ever thought about working in another country such as Germany? Germany might have just the opportunity you’ve been hoping for. Right now, Germany is actively looking for workers from abroad to fill 148 crucial roles. They’re making it easier for people like you to find these job chances with recent changes in their […]

Unauthorized Immigrants: What Developed Countries Really Need

unauthorized immigrants

Let’s talk about what developed countries like Europe, Canada, and the United States don’t want when it comes to their workforce – unauthorized immigrants. It’s simple and important: Qualified Workers and not Unauthorized Immigrants: These countries are looking for people with skills and knowledge. They want individuals who are good at what they do. This […]

Migrants’ Journey Home: A New Beginning


Many migrants leave their home countries with dreams and hopes. Life can bring surprises, and sometimes, going back home is the best choice. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) recently helped over 69,000 migrants return to their home countries. Let’s see how this is making a positive impact and how it connects with VideoWorkers. Migrants […]

German Companies Struggle to Hire Foreign Workers

german companies

Are you thinking of working for German companies? Lately, Germany is finding it hard to hire foreign workers, which could affect job opportunities. So, what’s going on with German companies? Germany has always been attractive to foreign workers due to good jobs and high living standards. But now, it’s harder to find foreign talent, because […]

Jobs in Athens, Greece: Welcoming Foreign Workers for 2023-2024

jobs in athens greece

Athens, Greece Wants Foreign Workers Athens, Greece needs workers from other countries for jobs in 2023 and 2024. They need people to work in farming, construction, cooking, cleaning, and more. Not Many Foreign Workers Allowed Although many people wanted jobs, Greece only said yes to 147,925 workers from other countries. They also made deals with […]

Finland’s Need for Foreign Workers: A Growing Opportunity

finland foreign workers

Finland lacks skilled workers, and it’s getting worse. To understand better, here are some key facts about the need for foreign workers in Finland. Population Issue and Big Goals Finland has a problem with its population. Fewer babies and more old folks mean that fewer people can work. Right now, 62% of the population can […]