Finland lacks skilled workers, and it’s getting worse. To understand better, here are some key facts about the need for foreign workers in Finland.

Population Issue and Big Goals

Finland has a problem with its population. Fewer babies and more old folks mean that fewer people can work. Right now, 62% of the population can work, but by 2040, it’ll be 60%, and by 2060, maybe just 57%.

To fix this, Finland wants 50,000 more people by 2030, plus 10,000 more each year after. They also want three times more international students, with a goal of keeping 75% of them working in Finland.

Not Enough Workers in Many Fields

Lots of industries in Finland need more workers. In Helsinki, 71% of companies need more people. This problem is in tech, business, admin, IT, and more. Even jobs like nurses and kindergarten teachers are in demand. And in areas like industry, construction, farming, and manual trades, there’s a shortage too.

Easier Immigration

Finland’s government is making it easier for people to move there. Since June 2022, entrepreneurs and smart people can get a residence permit in just 14 days. By March 2023, Finland wants to do it in just one month.

They’ve also made International House Helsinki, a one-stop shop for immigrants. You can get things like residence permits, ID numbers, and job help all in one place.

A Unique Lifestyle

People don’t just come to Finland for work. They like the way of life. Finland cares about work-life balance, safety, being clean, and education. Less overtime means people feel better.

Language Problems

Speaking English is good, but some jobs need Finnish. Like health, social work, and teaching. Learning Finnish can be hard.

But Finland is helping immigrants learn Finnish, especially if their jobs need it.

The Government Helps

The Finnish government pays companies to hire foreigners. For example, businesses that hire foreigners to help them grow can get up to €20,000. They might increase it to €50,000 in 2023.

Conclusion: A Big Chance for Foreign Workers in Finland

So, Finland is a great place for foreign workers. They want to fix their worker problem, and they care about your work-life balance. Moving there might not be easy, but it could be worth it.

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