Athens, Greece Wants Foreign Workers

Athens, Greece needs workers from other countries for jobs in 2023 and 2024. They need people to work in farming, construction, cooking, cleaning, and more.

Not Many Foreign Workers Allowed

Although many people wanted jobs, Greece only said yes to 147,925 workers from other countries. They also made deals with Egypt and Bangladesh to bring in 20,000 more workers. In total, Greece will let 167,925 foreign workers come and work, which is almost the same as the last two years.

Help for Hotels and Construction

Hotels and restaurants need 9,261 new workers, much more than before. Construction will also get 10,338 new workers to fill job gaps.

Sending Workers Where They’re Needed

Greece will send foreign workers to places where Greek people don’t want to work. They’ll also be more flexible, giving jobs in different areas. This will help fix the problem of not having enough workers in one place and too many in another.

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