Let’s talk about what developed countries like Europe, Canada, and the United States don’t want when it comes to their workforce – unauthorized immigrants. It’s simple and important:

Qualified Workers and not Unauthorized Immigrants:

These countries are looking for people with skills and knowledge. They want individuals who are good at what they do. This helps them in many jobs available and industries.

Productive Individuals:

They want people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard. Earning money and making a living is important. It’s about being part of the workforce and making things happen.

Economic Growth:

The big goal for these countries is to make their economies grow. Skilled workers play a huge role in making this happen. They help create new products, offer services, and keep the economy strong.

Unauthorized Immigrants, the ones who come without permission, don’t fit into these plans.

What they need are people with skills and a strong work ethic. Unauthorized immigrants can put a huge pressure on the social systems of these countries,. Those who go there after running from other countries, or who illegally pass through the borders, are sent back when caught by the authorities.

Countries like the USA, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Italy, etc., send tens of thousands of unauthorized immigrants back to their home countries yearly. Whenever this happens, the authorities also give them a ban of several years to enter that country.

This is why legal opportunities and being productive are what matter to keep a strong economy and social well-being!

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