VideoWorkers is excited to announce that we have entered a new strategic partnership with Lexpat, renowned experts in Belgian immigration law. This collaboration promises far-reaching benefits for both candidates looking to work in Belgium and Belgian employers seeking to recruit from abroad. 

Through this partnership, VideoWorkers will be able to direct its clients to seasoned immigration lawyers and greatly simplify the hiring journey. 

Read on as we introduce the team behind Lexpat. We also explain how this collaboration marks a significant step forward for VideoWorkers. 


About Lexpat


Navigating the red tape associated with immigration laws is essential for both Belgian employers looking to hire from abroad and foreigners seeking to legally work in Belgium. 

While the process may seem daunting at first, having expert guidance from Lexpat can smooth the way forward.

Located in Etterbeek, this prestigious law firm brings a wealth of experience and expertise in Belgian immigration law. Led by Maître Candice Debruyne and Maître Zahra Yakoubi Kichaoui, the team at Lexpat offers invaluable insights and assistance to individuals and companies dealing with the immigration process. 

With their deep understanding of the legal landscape, they ensure smooth and efficient immigration procedures, making the journey hassle-free for all involved.

In addition to assisting individuals coming to study or work in Belgium, Lexpat also helps companies recruit foreign workers. With the support of VideoWorkers, this recruitment process is set to become even more streamlined.


What Are the Benefits of this Strategic Partnership?


Through this collaboration, our users will now have access to Lexpat’s specialized immigration services. This will greatly streamline the relocation process for individuals looking to work in Belgium. 

Furthermore, this collaboration simplifies the hiring process for Belgian companies. By offering comprehensive immigration support through Lexpat, employers can attract international talent with confidence, knowing that their immigration needs are in expert hands.

Together, we are committed to empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in one of the EU’s most sought-after labor markets. This partnership highlights our shared dedication to delivering top-tier services, ultimately driving success for our clients.

We look forward to the long-term partnership with Lexpat! We truly could not be more excited for the great outcomes that this collaboration will bring. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to redefine the future of recruitment and immigration.