VideoWorkers is kicking off a strategic partnership with Lexidy, a leading law firm providing immigration services in Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, and Italy. 

By combining Lexidy’s expertise in immigration law with VideoWorkers’ premium recruitment services, we’re excited to provide easier access to the EU labor market. 

With the growing demand for international work opportunities, this collaboration plays a crucial role in connecting employers and international workers. All while making their immigration journey easier. 

Why Lexidy?

Lexidy is the best place where both individuals and companies can benefit from high-quality immigration services. With a proven track record of expertise and reliability, Lexidy offers comprehensive solutions. These include visa applications, residency permits, citizenship processes, and much more.

The team at Lexidy is made up of seasoned legal professionals with extensive experience in international law. Through a deep understanding of immigration regulations, they help clients to easily navigate red tape.

Additionally, they help expats and entrepreneurs make investments and do business in top EU countries. To learn more about this service and the countries they cover, head over to

How Do Lexidy’s Immigration Services Benefit Our Clients?

We could not be more excited to be working closely with Lexidy!

This strategic collaboration marks a significant step in meeting the needs of EU companies interested in hiring international workers. It also addresses the needs of foreigners looking to land a job in the EU.

Through this partnership, VideoWorkers ensures that all companies seeking to hire from abroad can access top-quality immigration services to sponsor work visas. Likewise, foreign individuals who want to work in one of the countries Lexidy covers can easily initiate immigration procedures after obtaining a job offer. 

By joining forces, we are committed to greatly simplifying the entire process – from job placement to visa acquisition. That’s why we highly recommend Lexidy as the top choice for these companies and workers.

Manuel Gheorghe, CEO of VideoWorkers, said: “We’re more than thrilled to expand our partnership with one of Europe’s most prestigious law firms. Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to connect our users with top-notch lawyers who can expertly handle their immigration papers.”

We look forward to seeing this partnership grow over the coming months.