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The best video-based recruitment platform in the world for work abroad

VideoWorkers is the place where dreams meet opportunity. Why? Because we all need a safe place where candidates can meet legit employers at decent costs. This is the most cost-efficient solution for work abroad and for finding talents. The platform puts together the employers’ needs and the candidates’ skills for safe work abroad.

Companies can search for workers from candidates all over the world, and post their vacancies. At the same time, candidates are visible to companies from 195 countries, all around the globe. VideoWorkers simplifies the recruitment industry for work abroad. It puts face-to-face the candidates searching for better working places in other countries with the companies willing to hire foreigners. 

VideoWorkers recruitment platform for work abroad

The best recruitment platform in the world for work abroad

VideoWorkers recruitment platform for work abroad

VideoWorkers is the place where dreams meet opportunity. The platform puts together the employers’ needs and the candidates’ skills for safe work abroad.

Companies can search for workers from thousands of candidates, and post their vacancies. At the same time, candidates with the most realistic presentation possible are visible to companies from 195 countries, all around the globe.

The skills video is the key to work abroad and fast employment decisions

Good workers are hard to find, and testing their skills is many times difficult. Thus, VideoWorkers presents the solution of skills video. 

VideoWorkers candidates have easy-to-read CVs and present skills videos accessible to all employers. The videos show how skilled they are in their jobs whether they want to work abroad or locally. A welder will show his best welding work, how he preps for the activity, and exactly how he welds. A cook or chef, cooks, chops, prepares the food, and makes the plating. An architect can briefly present his biggest achievements. A nanny should show how she takes care of a baby, feeds, changes, or takes him to school, parks, or other activities. The skills video is a way to ease recruitment for work abroad or also for local workers.

The demo video offers a glimpse of the candidates’ looks, talks, and how skilled they are in their job. Instructions on how to make the skills video are available in the Candidates’ Handbook and also in our social media posts.

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Latest in-demand jobs around the world

Excavator jobs in Singapore

Available excavator jobs in Singapore for experienced professionals looking for better opportunities! Read more and apply on VideoWorkers to easily connect to employers abroad! For this position, you need an excavator license as well as experience working with heavy industrial machines. Stamina and motivation are also important for a successful job! Excavator jobs in Singapore offer around 4,900 SGD/month (=3,610 USD), depending on your experience, skills, project, and work location. Other benefits such as free transportation to work may be included. General requirements for excavator operator jobs in Singapore: Valid excavator operator certificate Prior experience working as an excavator operator or experience operating similar heavy industrial machinery Great mechanical skills

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VideoWorkers fights illegal migration

Legal needs for work abroad

The decision to work abroad is hard to take and this can be dangerous. VideoWorkers offers the best and safest legal migration alternative. Candidates can choose from a large variety of legit jobs instead of risking their lives and money to illegally get to other countries. Also, companies can safely and legally employ workers from other countries.

VideoWorkers supports the Migration for Employment Convention governed by the International Labor Organization. The safety of the candidates’ lives, data, and the companies’ info is of great concern for the platform. This is a process of continuous improvement.

VideoWorkers offers valuable data about the legal conditions for working abroad.
The data and countries are constantly updated.

Who is VideoWorkers for?

Who is

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Skills Shortage

75% of companies have reported difficulties recruiting qualified talent. The global talent shortage is at a 16-year high, and it’s not slowing down.

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Unemployed individuals

5.77% of the total global workforce is still unemployed. More and more people are willing to leave their homes to search for a job that provides for their families.

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Employees want a change

 4 in 10 employees are thinking of looking for a new job due to stress and burnout, seeking better work conditions and a better way of life.

*based on 2022 data collected from International Labour Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.

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Our users love VideoWorkers! Read what they have to say about their experiences with our platform.

"Big congrats on the launch of this overseas work platform. Much needed and appreciated—I'll be saving $3,000 at least. Loving the valuable tips on presenting myself to employers too."
Mandari Kumari
Hotel receptionist, Sri Lanka
I love it, the CV is great, and I am still working on the demo video, but I feel like I will totally make it good. When applying for work abroad you never know what will happen but with you the risks are minimal.
Giorgi Kharshiladze
Auto Mechanic, Georgia
"It is good that somebody is offering a safe alternative to find a job in Europe. Everything is explained very well and I will follow all the recommendations to have a strong profile. It is for the first time that I understand how the professional demo video has to be made in order to be chosen by the employers.."
Supachai Suthipong
Waiter, Thailand

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